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Default Re: Square - Accept Credit Card Payments through smart phone?

I bought myself a new phone - HTC Incredible - just to be able to use this app. It is great. I got the little plug-in about 2 weeks after I signed up and downloaded the app to my phone. You open the app at a show, punch in the amount owed, swipe their card, or you can key in the numbers, but there is a slightly higher % charge for that, you can add notes if you want - like what they purchased, etc., then hand them your phone and they sign their name with their finger, add their e-mail if they would like and a reciept will be sent to them! then, the next day or so, i get a receipt in my e-mail that shows exactly where I was via Google maps, the address, and how much I charged, and how much will be deposited into my account after they take the % and .15 swipe charge! GREAT!!!!!! Just need to practice swiping the card - can't go too slowly.
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