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Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post
Days? 1 week!?
You ladies must be joking.
I'm most definitely not. As a photographer, I can't see how on earth it would take a month to take pictures. Unless you are waiting for a newborn to be born, or you need outside shots and there is a bunch of snow, I don't get how it would take so long.

Although I guess you could also be used to using photographers who have such a huge clientele that they are THAT backed up. Not a bad thing for them, but I prefer to keep my base smaller so everyone can get more personal and faster service.

To point it back to the original post, even if it is "normal" for images to take a month, I think lack of any kind of communication is not a good thing. If it were me I'd at least like to get a "Hi, I received your items and the timeframe we are looking at is. . ." type of email or something.
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