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Default Re: Favorite Way to Make a Twisted Boutique Bow

The tutorials and dvds that i have bought call the figure eight method a boutique bow and the twisted bow is shown where you wrap your ribbon around a cardboard, or by eyeballing it by hand to get the four loops over lapping, put a straight pin in the middle and then spread it out, use the big hair clip to hold it and then sew the middle to get your crease.
Could some of the confusion of twisted and boutique come from the different ways we were taught or learned how to do them?
I have a hard time doing the twisted bow the way I was taught in my tutorials and even on line, I rather do the figure eight method any day. And I do get confused when people interchange those two words: twisted and boutique/figure eight. And I know this topic has been beaten to death on many different threads, but I have to admit, the search button is not always my friend, and I am a little computer challenged, so I appreciate the repeated, beaten to death threads and advice. .
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