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Default Re: melted my korkers ribbon

Originally Posted by rboyd10 View Post
hi, I am a newbie to ribbon crafts and this forum..

I was making my first korkers and followed instructions of oven temp at 275 for 15-20 min... I did and this is what happened-- my ribbon melted

help!! I am making them for my 8 yr old niece... school colors

I used 3/8" grosgrain in the following colors:

red, white, black, red with white dots, black with white dots and a satin ribbon (100% polyester-- which I read was ok for korkers, too) white with red and black dots...

thanks for any help or suggestions..
I am so sorry! Wow, those are really burnt!

Are you sure someone didn't accidentally turn up the heat on the oven while they were in there baking?
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