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Default Re: How to make these roses??? This is a written tutorial from Offray with a few black and white type drawing pics. I have to watch someone do it to learn how to make it myself. I finally learned off of the video on you tube with the lady that does talk during the video. I am left handed so everything seems backwards to me. I did notice on the Offray that it says to turn your ribbon down at a sharp angle, if your ribbon has a long piece that is turned down you won't be really making any petals as you roll the ribbon. When I use a wider ribbon, I do get a longer angle of the ribbon that is turned down and I just roll the ribbon a couple times and turn it down again. I know I am not explaining myself clearly. I just know that in order to get that petal to form you have to have the part of the "loose" ribbon turned down into small amounts at a time.
I will quit now, because I know I am not clear. I read the Offray and then watched the video and it helped. I hope you have success, they are fun to make, even for a lefty.
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