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Default Re: Resins on clippies.. what's your method?

Originally Posted by JessicaJ View Post
I do this as well and have never had an issue.
Originally Posted by akdowns84 View Post
I use hot glue for both.
I've used hot glue by itself and my resins will not stay. The resin is easily picked off. Not sure why?

Originally Posted by daisee08 View Post
I use hot glue for ribbon and have switched from hot glue to e6000 for the resins
I'm going to try this ~ thanks hon

Originally Posted by Krysia View Post
This is what I do, too.
Hey girl ~ thanks for helping me

Originally Posted by twolittlefriends View Post
I sometimes use rsines on my bows on my shoes and I always use `a high temp glue. Never had a prob. with it!
Hot glue doesn't work for me with resins

Originally Posted by Night Owl View Post
I would put a little hot glue in the area on the clippie where your resin will sit (under the ribbon, on the clip) Then your clippie will still be nice and flat, but have a little extra hold where the ribbon is going to be covered with the resin.
Do you use just the hot glue or hot glue with tape? I definitely need the extra hold.

Originally Posted by samscrafts View Post
i use hot glue on both...has worked well so far.
Sadly, not for me
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