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Default Re: HIGH temp or LOW temp glue gun?!?

Originally Posted by beachobxcat View Post
Well I was trying to get away without using glue gun today. I had bought some new Aleene's flexible stretchable fabric glue. Ribbon would not stick. ;o(

Any idea what I can use it for???? Thanks.


oh dear Cathy.. I for one, don't know what else you could use it for. Funny, i was at Michael's yesterday after a family movie day outing (went to the Theather to watch darn funny and i saw that particular glue you mentioned.

Anyways, would it stick 2 ribbons together? If it does, maybe you could still use it for fusing/layered bows in lieu of Fabric-Tac. ?

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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