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Default Re: No really cute bows at Disneyland

My 3 were decked out in different matching outfits every days for the 8 days we were there in Dec. They got A LOT of attention from strangers and from characters even. They never wore heels though - too much walking - comfort is key at Disney!! But I knew we were gonna be taking pictures all day long & I'm a big scrapbooker so I wanted the pics to look cute!

Picture 3 girls in all these outfits - total cuteness IMO!!
But I'm their mama so I'm biased!! I saw some other boutique outfits but NO other ruffle socks & not very many other cute bows. Oh wait - here's my 3 with their little cousin so 4 matching cuties! Black leggings with matching ruffle socks worked with a lot of outfits because it was *so* cold!
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