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Default Re: Critique My Etsy

I think your bows look great but I would recommended raising your prices!

That is really cheap for a bow that nice and with only 2.50 shipping on top of that I can say that you will lose money on shipping and you loose money from etsy fees and paypal fees. You may walk away after a sale with a $1 or less profit

here is just a run down and it will not include everything:

est. cost of materials: $1-1.50
cost to list on etsy: .20+ 2-3% of sale (cant remember exact %)
PP fees: .30+3ish%
cost to ship: $2.24 for a 7oz. package(which is generally what my stacked bows are)
DC cost if you print your label on line: .19 cents (or .90 cent if you purchase at the PO and always best to get DC either way)

Cost of box, tape, paper, ink, bow card/business card: $1.5-2

So you get $8.49 for this sale minus everything above you are left with about: 86 cents for all your hard work!!!!

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