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Default Re: What is this elastic and how do you do this?

Originally Posted by kellyjo View Post
I love these flowers, I have searched for a tut, I know there are other tuts that the flower is folded and place under sort of but it does not do this type of flower so a tut or link to buy a tut would be awesome.

Another thing where do I get this elastic and can you tell me the width?

Another thing on this type of headband when you have three or more flowers do you just take a huge piece of felt to keep them as three and then glue a little area to the headband and then glue another huge piece to the one on the flowers? I hope that makes sense

Here is the link to this:

her stuff is beautiful

there is a lady who sells here the fold over elastic and its really cheap and soft, thats where i got mine. Shes under the for sale part, ive seen the thread active so it should be on the top
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