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Default Re: What is this elastic and how do you do this?

There are tuts on etsy for rolled rosettes. That's all these are. They're just fold and roll as you go. Lots of hot glue
The felt on the back is how you keep them in place and it acts as a nice liner on the inside of the elastic.
The elastic is just fold over elastic. YOu can find it on etsy or shop here on hg for it. it's 5/8" wide usually.

Another thing on this type of headband when you have three or more flowers do you just take a huge piece of felt to keep them as three and then glue a little area to the headband and then glue another huge piece to the one on the flowers? I hope that makes sense
You could do it with two pcs of felt but I think it's cleaner when you do top to bottom ~ flowers, then elastic, then felt. Totally up to you

Someone around here - i think mama j - sells the rolled satin rosettes
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