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Default Re: Tulle puff question: amt of tulle to buy...

You do not have to use that much. It just depends on how full you want your wand to be. I also use 6 in wide tulle, and many times will use what's left over from the tutu I'm making the wand to go with : Or i just use my scrap tulle for these.
To make a smaller tulle puff, just cut your squares smaller and then don't stack nearly as many on top of each other. I had a request for a hair bow like this and so I made it much smaller than the measurements given for the wands, and I have also made small wands. So, you can deffinately make a small one to suit your own needs for it.
I am sorry that I can't tell you the exact measurements or amount of tulle I used, but I know it wasn't nearly as much. I just sort of 'eye' it, and I cut my squares to the aprox. width I will want the wand. Then, I just stack them until my little tulle 'piles' have an even amount, that looks like they'll be about the size I need.
I also hand sew my wands, and add everything in them from ribbon and korkers to rhinestones and trim.
Hope this helps. I will try to make a small one today, so that I can give you exact measurements, but I usually just 'eye' it, and cut them and stack them for what I think will look good for the size I am making.
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