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Default Re: lined clips help!

Originally Posted by keylimey View Post
I got my tape FREE

There is a thread on here called 'speciality tape' by Bluegoose I believe. She got a free sample of the company and kindly posted the details. Whats even better was that it was a whole full sized roll of tape!. I think they might have caught onto us tho' because last time I read that post there had been quite a few ladies all requesting samples and the company wasn't too impressed with that I don't think I have seen the same tape pop up in a few detashes lately so it must be pretty popular.

I line my ribbon then tape it onto my clip and I use 3/8 ribbon. It might take a little extra time to get it lined up straight etc, but its so smooth and flat afterwards. Its great for when you have a small item that you want to put on a clip. You don't see the bulge that glue can often show when it dries. I have also used it to line a headband. Works great, but smells a bit weird!
I love freebies!! HAte the glue bulge!
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