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Default Re: bottle cap issues

I think I solved the issue! Okay first the hole puncher gave it a weird bigger edge, next the photo paper I used was too was that super high gloss stuff...I used just regular photo paper modge podged the back and stuck it to the cap with no problemos...well now I have a new issue lol...when finishing the cap I used that 2 part resin (the kind that looks like a double syringe and then you mix) as soon as I start using it it comes out wonderfully but within a time span of about 6 minutes its a big gross pile of gunk (not the caps, the mixed solution I'm using to top the caps off) and it ruins the brush I'm. Using to brush the caps lol...any suggestions on how to fix this? Or maybe a alternate coating that looks just as great as the 2 part resin??
<3 Danie
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