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Default Re: I just ruined 5 yards of korker ribbon

I'm gonna second what Krysia said...

The light paint will fade if it's heated too long. Cook it at a lower temp. My whites on red look really light pink, and my whites on black will look grey.

The colors will also bleed thru to the dowel, so keep light ribbons on one set of dowels and darker colors on another set of dowels. Then, when you think the dowel can't look any worse-wrap it up and turn it into a wand!!

I wrap my ribbon, starch it with regular old ironing starch (I use the faultless with the purple cap. Think it's lavender smell?), cook them, starch them when they are done, let them cool and dry and then remove them from the dowel.

I like my korker ribbon really stiff!
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