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Default Re: No really cute bows at Disneyland

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
I think that is so weird! Almost every trip we make to Disney, I notice tons of boutique outfits & bows. I was surprised by the amount of stacked & OTT bows last time because I never see people locally wearing either, but I figured it was more than likely just the tourists.
I have to say that on all the trips we make there (over eleventy billion at last count lol ) I don't really see a lot of bows.

Originally Posted by alyssa23 View Post
We went to WDW last year in July and there weren't many little ones wearing super cute bows and outfits either, except... Alyssa! A few people stopped and asked where her outfits were from. We did go casual a few days only because riding some of the rides in a dress with a large boutique bow hanging to the side was a little hard LOL.
I'm wondering if some of the mommys that aren't as crafty may not really think about the cute outfits and bows until they actually see them on another child? KWIM?
You know what we usually see the most of? Those princess gowns! You know, from Bippity Boppity Boo? That boutique where they dress them all up. The park is literally CRAWLING with those outfits!

Originally Posted by nautibows View Post
We are in So Cal, and also have the Disney passes, when we head out I swear, my DD is the ONLY one I ever see decked out in her OTT bows or M2M Disney korkers. Kinda weird, but she / "we" get a lot of attention in my area, many clients are wanting the HUGE stacked, blinged out bows.
I have to say, I never see any OTT bows here in SoFla. The only bows I really see are the ones on Christine's head. I mean, there are probably some around, but not big ones.
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