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Default Re: I just ruined 5 yards of korker ribbon

Originally Posted by mmosser View Post
I don't spray before baking. I spray after the korkers are completely made

And when the ribbon is dotted, put a piece of foil over the pan to keep the direct heat off the ink.

Oh, and turn the heat down to 255 for 35-40 minutes for the dots
Thank you! I am using a foil disposable pan but maybe I need to change the head and time.

Originally Posted by happels View Post
I don't spray at all with anything before baking at 250 for 25 min. I have a gas oven. (I don't know that that matters). If I starch, it's after I sew the korker and I spray it with aerosol spray starch. Sounds like maybe your oven runs hot and is burning your printed ribbon (prints are a little more finicky).

Try a little cooler?
I had a thread where I asked about starching korkers. That's where I got the idea to spray before baking I always stiffen my korkers after they're made, but I thought starching the ribbon was important too(?)

Originally Posted by davang1027 View Post
Maybe not! I found one discussion in which several said it still didn't help but I found this suggestion I'd never heard before:

"I spray my dot korkers with 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. I just spritz it on, they don't have to be soaked. I bake them the same as my reg. korkers. I have never had a problem with the dots discoloring. I read this tip somewhere years ago when I started making bows and it really works.

Well now, *that's* interesting! Thanks for sharing davang
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