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Default Re: I just ruined 5 yards of korker ribbon

Originally Posted by davang1027 View Post
There have been several discussions on this but it's been a while- I know it was advised to bake longer at a lesser temp but let me see if I can find specifics!
Thanks davang ~ I appreciate the help

Originally Posted by Betty105 View Post
I noticed that when I do korkers, the ribbon tends to bleed onto the dowel. Then when you use it again with a lighter color ribbon it will transfer the dye on to it. The best solution is that you use a dowel only for that specific color. Sorry you had to go thrugh that. Hope it helps.
These were new dowels so it wasn't a bleeding problem. But I'm glad you made me aware that it can happen ~ thanks Betty!

Originally Posted by my2squirrels View Post
I spray my finished bows with starch from a can but I don't bake them. The one and only time I korked ribbon I waited until it was out of the oven then sprayed it while it was still on the dowel.
I had created a thread here a little while ago and that's where I learned to spray before baking. I think what I'm going to have to do is just not use starch(?) Maybe I should bake and then spray with stiffener?
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