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Default Re: lined clips help!

Originally Posted by kary-0528 View Post
OT..went to your website and noticed that we might be neighboors... Kool!
Where are you from?

Originally Posted by SunflowerHouse View Post
I've bought tape from Karina - and I'll do it again. . . tape is great, plus wonderful customer service and FAST shipping!
Thanks for the kind words.

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
How do you line your clips with tape? I have some, but I'm wondering whats the best way to go about it? Put the tape on the ribbon, and then cut and then seal and then put it on the clip? Or IDK! I tried making a few with the tape and was trying to figure out the best way! lol
Originally Posted by zoesmommy27 View Post
Well some one should share with me too, i use my clip lining board and hot glue i didnt think that tape would hold up
What I've read on here before is to line the ribbon with the tape and then use your woodburner to cut into your lengths and then you can sit in front of the TV or wherever and line your clips because it'll be quicker! HTH. That's what I've done before.
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