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Default Re: how to make bottle cap graphics

If you really want custom graphics you have to learn how to draw graphics in an art program like Adobe Illustrator. Then you make a 1 inch circle and place those graphics to size as to fit inside that circle. Then you would group that image and copy and paste it & set those images as many times as it will fit on the page. I went to college for graphics but if you do not have drawing ability you can still make graphics buy looking for an image and re-creating it.

Example - I wanted to make graphic to match a line of clothing. If you find the image on the net you can copy it, enlarge it in your art program and then actually draw it with the pen tool, at least this way you are creating something instead of just copying images straight from the net that you will not be able to alter except for the sizing. When you actually create the graphic you can change the size, color, and backgrounds within your 1 inch circle.

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