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Default Another ribbon flower. :-)

Posted this under the Hairbow Gallery, a bow I made to match my daughters dedication dress. Thought some people might enjoy this here also. I know I am always looking for new flowers I can make with ribbon.

This is an old cross stitching technique.

  • I use embroidery thread, about 2 or 3 strings peeled off the strand. Make sure your embroidery thread matches as close as possible to the ribbon color you are choosing.
  • Roll up a bit of ribbon, sew it down in the middle for the bud and then use at least 1.5 inch ribbon to do the rose.
  • Glue the end of the ribbon down in between 2 of the spokes, after that you just take your ribbon and go over one spoke, under the next spoke,
  • Just keep repeating that pattern until your rose is as full as you like or your ribbon is gone, don't pull your ribbon too tight, you want it to be a little loose so it will fold on itself and make the folds.
  • Take your fingers and every once in awhile squish the ribbon together some so you can keep working, you can pull and tug at ribbon if you have one fold too big or too small, just do it gently.
  • Although it's hard to tell in the beginning eventually the ribbon folding will hide the thread you used for the spokes, you can rearrange any ribbon you need to.
  • When you're done just glue the last end of the ribbon under the rose, and when you cut it off your foam or felt (stiff felt if you use felt) be sure you DO NOT cut the threads. I usually glue an extra piece of felt down over it also to protect the threads.
If I didn't explain something clearly feel free to ask.
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