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Default bottle cap issues

Ok so I'm trying to perfect my bottle cap and I just can't seem to get it! I use kodak photo paper to print out my images, next I use my 1 inch puncher to punch them out and next I modge podge it to the bottle cap, when I modge podge it the image just looks weird on the bottle cap to I feel like the edges are hanging off of the cap slightly...anytime I have seen caps done they have a smooth finish to the cap...not a blunt edge all the way around the cap...and next I attempt to seal it with that 2 part resin...looks good...but the edges of the image just don't look like they fit on the cap! I've tried different caps and different glues, I've tried sticking it to the cap with that sticker maker thing I jus can't seem to get my edges smooth someone please help!!!
<3 Danie
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