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Default Re: Disney Princesses

i would have never said anything like you said. never ever. even now as someone who's been around for a while.... that's the issue. why would you think that's ok to say in the first place, especially since you hadn't taken the time to poke around the forum and figure out how it works? that is just leaving me to scratch my head. i don't go in some random site i found and throw a stink about things. even if i feel misled or whatever...that site would have no obligation to me whatsoever and i'd have no right to be upset. it's not like we charged you $ to join and then ripped you off by refusing to give you instructions. it's free to join, free to hang out

you weren't nice, you made a mistake. however you want to phrase it. just apologize and move on. you'll find the girls on here really are sweet and helpful and this will all be water under the bridge before you know it.

stick around, you'll like it here, really

and with that said, welcome!! what kind of bows do you make? i love to see what new people come up with and we have a whole hairbow gallery where you can get some inspiration too. hope you stick around! it gets addicting and i've made some really good friends on here
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