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Default Re: OTT/Stacked Bows

Originally Posted by Debora View Post
Sharie80, I have always just stacked my bows and tied all the pieces together. I've never had a problem with my bottom bow loops flopping. I don't know why it has worked fine. Perhaps the "Bow Gods" smile on me???
You can do that without baking and stiffening first? That's great. I tried today, just stacking them to see if my loops would flop and they did so I sat down with my NBNG templates and tried and failed and tried and failed until I mastered that dang pinwheel bow. I did master it finally. I like my BBM templates better, but I can't make pinwheels with those! So I'll be using a pinwheel base bow for all my OTT bows.

Thanks everyone for all of your input. It really did help me a lot.
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