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Smile Re: Bottle Cap Backgrounds

This is how I did it,

To do the Bottle Caps, I used MS Publisher and I only had address labels in white to use...I think that next time I'll buy a sheet that isn't split up into labels. Then you can cut them up easier.

I used the address label template and did two to a label.

I bought a Fiskars Medium size 1" circle punch.

Once I printed out the image on the labels, I had to cut a little off the end because I pushed the image over so that my inkjet printer would print out the whole thing.

After punching out a whole line lengthwise I had to cut some off again, you'll have to do this with each line of labels.

Once you have the image punched out you adhere it to the top of the bottle cap. Then cover it with a resin dot.

You shouldn't need any glue, that will mess up the effect.

The sticky back of the address label and the stickyness of the resin dot should be plenty.

Then you need to get some 1" felt pads (The kind that you use on the bottom of your chairs). You can glue them in or just peel off the sticky back and press into the other side of the bottle cap. This takes up the negative space and makes it flush to put on to the bow.

Glue the cap onto the bow and you're done!

Good Luck!
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