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Originally Posted by lulafairy View Post
I am not projecting past experiences you were horribly rude and therefore I labeled you as such. First impressions last way too long. As for putting myself in your shoes... I never felt that entitled.

I did not post this new thread in the public area someone else did and someone else posted the link.

Anything that you can see now meaning categories that do not say "private" are all free for you to read. Its not bad luck its just the way it is.

I am done with you and this thread. I would ask the mods to remove it but its not mine. I am not one for drama and never involve myself in drama but I felt personally attacked and have not reacted kindly to it.
You feel attacked?? How do you think I feel? My comment was about the website, not the person posting the directions...

Isn't one of the RULES people are supposed to agree to

"*Be courteous and do not post defamatory or insulting comments about any user."

All I was doing was asking for the directions emailed like everyone else...
And then proceeded to get attacked by everyone else... I was not meaning to offend anyone, but feel that the organization of the website was quite confusing for a new person. Instead of pointing me in the right direction people seemed to jump the gun. I'm done defending myself... If you all want to think the worst, so be it!