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Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
It is free, you just need to be a seasoned member on here which is not very hard to do. Most people are polite and wait until they have worked up enough posts. You are the only one I have ever seen on here that throws a tantrum because she can't see some of the free instructions because she doesn't have enough posts. You are very rudeand ungrateful to what is already out there for newbies to view. You don't have to pay to get into the private forums. You just have to get to know the community by participating in genuine posts. That is what everyone does on here. I posted a whole list of free instructions. If you can't get to some them then continue to post on here but there were plenty of free instructions from here and other places that you could look at. I put it all in one post just for people like you and it is very disturbing to see someone throw such a fit over not being able to get into a private area of our threads. If it bothers you so much then maybe this is not the place for you. We encourage newbies to get involved and we love to help them out with whatever we can but we are not going to cater to a selfish, ungrateful newbie who thinks they own this site.
Again... HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW??? I came here from a google link...

Everyone seems hell bent on attacking me as a dreaded NEWBIE, and an ungrateful RUDE PERSON, who thinks I own this site... but I am far from that...

I had not read any of the other "NEW MEMBER" posts filling me in on how things worked, etc...

I apologized for jumping the gun, but with everyone attacking me like this, I guess I'll have to think twice before joining a community like this. If I post something in frustration, and get attacked by the whole community, it sure doesn't make for a welcoming spirit.

Maybe instead of yelling at me, ONE person could have helped me out and pointed me in the right direction?? Wouldn't that have been the nice thing to do? Instead of accusatory statements and putting me into the category of previous new members who don't wish to contribute.

I think everyone needs to take a breath and calm down and stop attacking people...
If this does continue, then maybe you're right, I won't want to belong to a community that attacks it's members....