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Default Re: OTT/Stacked Bows

Originally Posted by sweetapple View Post
Don't be embarrassed! The ladies on here are so great @ giving opinions & advice! We all started somewhere! You should have seen my first ones! Pretty darn horrible! lol.

I do a pinwheel too b/c i think the twisted is just too big when I look at it. I feel like the bow is going to collapse!

As far as the spikes, I like mine to be about 1/2" or so out from the main bow (does that make sense?).
IMO, long spikes looks kinda wierd. I think of ott mean the bow has lots of loops, little mini bows on the sides of your loops, maybe some maraboo and/or bling. Just something that's more fabulous than a regular bow. kwim?

I hope that helps. I'm not an expert, by any means!

I do love the main bow! You did perfect on it! great job!
Thank you!! You made a lot of sense and have helped me a lot on this. I don't feel so lost. How do you do your pinwheels? I bought NBNG and haven't been able to do the pinwheels. I think I'll practice more at naptime. I agree that a twisted for the base is too big, that's why I wanted to do a pinwheel or some other big flat bow!
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