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Default Re: funky bow tutorial!

where can this tutorial be found?

thank you

Originally Posted by PLTBowsetc View Post
Wow!!! I haven't been on here much due to the holiday rush that I know many more of you are experiencing.

First, I hate that there was tons of drama. I'm glad that my (as well as the other lovely lady's) pictures and instructions helped you all so much. No, it's not cool if the OP took my instructions and restated them in a paid tutorial, but I'm not mad atcha! We complain all the time about how it's annoying when people think they are the only person to think of an idea. I can't say if the tut is the same as what I posted because I haven't seen it, nor do I really care that much lol

I too have a paid tutorial that is much more detailed than the free one that I posted (it has pics of how to make the bow from start to finish including the twisted boutique bow so it's like learning two bows in one tut). I am still putting the finishing touches on it and probably won't finish it until after Christmas. I do plan on posting it on here (not in this thread obviously). I hope that isn't stepping on anyone's toes (I plan to say in my thread that there is a less detailed free tut that anyone is free to check out). Anyway, I just thought I'd weigh in on the discussion.

If anyone wants to buy this tut go ahead! I'm sure it is helpful and informative and not that expensive so why not? Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. Drive safe this weekend!!!
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