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Originally Posted by BlessedMom View Post
I am shocked by the rude post earlier. I have a 13 month old daughter and recently decided to start making her bows. Even if I never got a free tutorial on here the tips and advice are priceless. I have learned so much just reading through different threads. My only complaint is that that I got on here to get help making bows and you guys keep posting all of these other cute ideas (ribbon sculptures, Kanzashi flowers, singed flowers, etc.) and I can't find enough hours in the day to make it all!! Until I got on here, I had never seen a lot of these ideas. Now thanks to you guys Madeline will not only get cute bows (I hope), but so many other fun things!!!
I totally agree. I am fairly new at this bow thing and do not know much, and I am not creative, I need ideas all of the time, and free help is great, but I do know it takes a lot of work to create the bows/sculptures and a lot of work to make a tutorial and many folks are on here as a way to make a contribution to their family while staying home and running a household.