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Default Re: Disney Princesses

Originally Posted by rlgreenberg View Post
So, you get us to join by saying we can get access to free designs and then don't allow us to see the free designs until we have 250 posts.... ?? I guess nothings really free then... Thanks!

a friendly introduction of yourself would have been a great start, but dear, i do believe you made a seroiously bad start here. all you had to do was contribute and get to know some of these lovely ladies (and gentlemen). nobody here was handed anything just like that, these ladies had to work very hard to get where they are today! if you had a little respect for their hard work and dedication to this forum, they would gladly help you find what you're searching for.

contributing to the group, a "hello, how are you doing?", and having respect for others that are willing to share their knowledge
will go a long way here.