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Default Re: Disney Princesses

Originally Posted by rlgreenberg View Post
So, you get us to join by saying we can get access to free designs and then don't allow us to see the free designs until we have 250 posts.... ?? I guess nothings really free then... Thanks!
What are you talking about.? Your post is so rude. The person who wrote these instructions doesn't own the forum, so she has nothing at stake regarding whether you join or not. She's someone who happens to be a member of this forum, is in the business, and STILL generously offers free instructions to those who are in *competition* with her (other hair bow makers). Her only requirement is that those who are actually SERIOUS about being productive members of this board, rather than people who only came here for freebies, get to utilize them. As in, you're here for a couple of months and maybe contribute something worthwhile.

I see nothing worthwhile in your post. Maybe read a little, contribute, and lose your sense of entitlement, and you may actually learn something.