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Default Re: OTT/Stacked Bows

Originally Posted by Sharie80 View Post
LOL I'm kinda embarrassed now looking at the picture of my bow before I fixed it. Ha ha ha!
Don't be embarrassed! The ladies on here are so great @ giving opinions & advice! We all started somewhere! You should have seen my first ones! Pretty darn horrible! lol.

Originally Posted by ahaygood View Post
My over the top bows are just BIG and full of ribbon. I do a pinwheel for the bottom so more stuff can fit in between

They are all over 5.5 inches

I dont make long spikes tho. Just normal
I do a pinwheel too b/c i think the twisted is just too big when I look at it. I feel like the bow is going to collapse!

As far as the spikes, I like mine to be about 1/2" or so out from the main bow (does that make sense?).
IMO, long spikes looks kinda wierd. I think of ott mean the bow has lots of loops, little mini bows on the sides of your loops, maybe some maraboo and/or bling. Just something that's more fabulous than a regular bow. kwim?

I hope that helps. I'm not an expert, by any means!

I do love the main bow! You did perfect on it! great job!

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