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Default Re: Wood burning tool?

I bet there's an easier (and faster) way of doing this than the way I do, but here's how I do mine:

I use an air-soluable marker and I mark on the ribbon where I want to cut. Then I take my trusty metal ruler and CAREFULLY line it up. I start at the bottom of the "V" (where the two lines connect) and drag the wood burning tool to the edge of the ribbon. Then I reposition my ruler for the second line. Again, I start where the lines connect and go out.

I finally made several templates for myself that are for all sizes of ribbons and for different angles for the cuts. Now I just lay my template down on my ribbon, mark the ribbon and then I start cutting. No more measuring!!!

I hope this makes sense.

Another way I sometimes do it is if it doesn't have to be perfect, I carefully cut the "V" with a pair of scissors - ribbon folded, one cut. Then I get my cigarette lighter and I have the ribbon folded lengthwise (like how I originally cut it) , BUT THE EDGES ARE NOT TOUCHING! I then lightly run the flame over the edge. If the edges are touching, they will melt together and then you've got a big mess.

I hope this one makes sense too.

If you need any clarification, let me know. I tried to explain the best I could.

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