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Any time I have received items to use in a shoot, the date of the shoot and turn around time is already predetermined giving a day or 2 leeway, if a change of plans happens you know those out of your hands things that can happen and email or phone call is made immediately.

my timeline usually goes something like this.... 1 day shoot... then I take 2 days to go through the images and take out the not so pretty/handsome grim-mises, so sometime after day 3 usually about 4 or 5 days after the shoot I sit down with the customer to go through the photo's and make their order (I do not do any editing until after they have choses the shots they like best or I would waste 100's of hours on things that don't matter)... now here is when someone who sends me something to have photographed comes in after the parents have chosen their images I go through and choose the image/s that was agreed upon with the supplier.. the suppliers image/s gets edited first and emailed out shipped out depending on agreement, then the customers get done and printed for them. so it takes me approximately 7 days from the time of the shoot to get the suppliers product ready.
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