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Default Re: This bows are driving me nuts!!! Help Please!!!

Originally Posted by Gatishka View Post
This is how i make mine...
1. I use 7/8 ribbon 4 1/2 piece and handstitch the middle.
2. I take another piece 2 1/2 long(for spike) and handstitch again together the 2 pieces.
3. i use 2 inch 7/8 ribbon for center i ususally use smaller size for this like 5/8 but i didnt have any in black
4. umm i dnt use rubber band on my Poly i use duck mouth clip works awesome..
5.This is Polynaris
Thanks for sharing!! Your pup is adorable!!

I do have a question-where do you get the duck mouth clips? I've never heard of them.

Thanks again!
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