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Default Re: Someone should sell stock photos

Originally Posted by briellasnana View Post
I have a love/hate relationship with taking pictures. Love to take them, but to dump them in my computer, then edit them, UGH! lol

I might be interested, BUT I would hate to have all of my pictures looking just like everyone elses, ya know? They would look like stolen pictures, if you start seeing them all over.
I'll be solving the "stolen look" by watermarking them with each person's shop name with a saying like "Licensed from (my shop name) by (your shop name)" I'll also have different angles to choose from.

Mine will be the ones on a white background, once I get set up with some products to actually get these shots done and build my portfolio. Still working on that.

I do have a sample album of glitter clippies, (only thing I had on hand) if anyone would like to see it to see my work, send me a PM.
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