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Default Re: Bottle Cap Questions

Originally Posted by daz_yaz View Post
this is the one i use, you can get them at micheals, walmart or joanns

the refills cost about $6.00 @ micheals cheaper if you have a q & $5.00 @ walmart they make about 150-200 bottlecaps depending on the spacing.
I don't sand the tops of my caps I just stick it on there & it holds (make sure you buy premanent stickers & not the re-usable ones) & once im done sticking all the stickers on my bottlecaps im ready to seal them with et lite no need to wait for any glue to dry.
Thanks for posting! I had never heard of one before reading about them here, so I was about to buy this one on Amazon. But if I can just go pick one up at Michaels or Joannes, that's perfect!
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