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Default Re: Bottle Cap Questions

Originally Posted by kellyjo View Post
okay I am totally lost here, I have never heard of xerox sticker machine for bottlecaps, I thought everyone glued them in I use Aleene's jewerly and metal glue after sanding the tops of the bottlecaps.

So tell me about this machine? Do you have to sand the top of the bottlecap? or does the sticker stick to metal well.
this is the one i use, you can get them at micheals, walmart or joanns

the refills cost about $6.00 @ micheals cheaper if you have a q & $5.00 @ walmart they make about 150-200 bottlecaps depending on the spacing.
I don't sand the tops of my caps I just stick it on there & it holds (make sure you buy premanent stickers & not the re-usable ones) & once im done sticking all the stickers on my bottlecaps im ready to seal them with et lite no need to wait for any glue to dry.
Need Bottlecaps:

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