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Default Re: Gator bite.. how does it work?

Originally Posted by tashanwrn View Post
I had the same problem Maxine! I bought it months ago, thinking it would help me with my crease, but I can't stand the thing! Plus I like to sew my bows! When I bought the GB, it came with organza ribbon to tie them off with........yuck!!!!!!!!!! That's one of my main problems with TBB, I can get the loops but when I go to sew up the middle somehow I mess it up!! I must be doing something wrong! I got so frustrated with the GB, that I threw it one day and never went to look for it!!!!! So it's somewhere in my "Ribbon Room" just dont know where!!!!
I tried working with my gator for 3 hours so far today I don't think I made any real progress. I did move the bow closer to the bottom of the bite (where it opens) and that seems to have marginally helped.

Then I tried it using a double ribbon bow. No way would it work. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong (sigh)
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