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Default Re: PerkyBowz Angle Template from LAMB (Look At My Baby), they also make the Gator Bi

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Yeah, this video might help explain why I can't fit the Sally clip. I thought I'd read that the "x" shape should be narrow to make the loops perky. But I think I've been overdoing it. Since it seems to (over?) extend the top and bottom of the figure 8, which ultimately form the two pairs of loops; and makes those loops fuller/longer so the Sally clip winds up being too short. (Does any of that make sense?)

In the LAMB “boutique bow” clip I see that the "x" shape is actually as wide as it can be since both ends of the ribbon are actually perpendicular to the middle. Also, the ends seem to completely overlap ... where other instructions have you match the first end to the middle and then slightly overlap the first end with the second end. And with the usual instructions it’s always off center. It would have to be wouldn’t it? If the first end is perfectly centered, and the other slightly overlaps it. Right?

For the moment it all makes sense in my head. We'll see what happens when I sit down to make my next perky bow.

I haven't completed a lot of figure 8 bows and I seem to have some sort of psychological block with the camera.

I'm kind of like a toddler that needs to have everything worked out in his head before he takes that first step. It's not quite the same thing as being a perfectionist but the effect is the same.

You might call it analysis paralysis.

That plus the fact that I hate to throw anything away. I didn't start making real progress until I realized I could minimize waste by undoing and re-doing my bows. The problem is I don't have much to show for the effort. It took me four or five tries and hours and hours of effort to make each of my last two bows. And now I dread the thought of stacking them because it might ruin them.


I may just have to take a few steps back and focus on basic bows for awhile. But the thought of that is depressing.

I agree about the X! I've been angling mine and maybe that's what's wrong? Maybe I'm angling them too much?

And I always take my bows apart too. If I don't like the results I got, I undo them and redo them. Again and again and again! lol
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