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Default Re: Double ruffle bows

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
Oh I feel so special! Thanks for mentioning me =)

Although hey weren't NBNG, They were Tabby Templates. I've never bought any instructions & I am not associated with the NBNG group at all (Sorry I'm a mod for Tabbytemplates so I don't want any confusion!!!)

I'm not a fan of the twisted boutique with DRR. They're just so floppy! This ribbon does not behave like it should!

This one is made out of 3/8" drr
Attachment 67338

And this one is made out of 1.5"
Attachment 67339

The last one uses 2 layers.

The top layer uses the 3" template using 2 6.5" pieces wrapped on the template side-by-side & clipped to the templated and stitched together.

Do the same thing on the 3.5" template for the bottom layer.

It seems that this is a nice length for the ribbon so it doesn't flop all over the place.
Oops! My bad! The second photo is the one I remember from the link. I love that one. I'm sure Tabbytemplates are wonderful
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