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Default Re: Now I hate my glue gun!

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
I normally buy the cheap $2 ones from HL. (I throw them away every few months cause they get yucky glue all over them) And this last time I bought a high temp "cordless" one from HL (its light blue... can't remember the brand) It was $5.99 I think? And it works awesome! It has a skinny tip and does wayyyy better than the other one. It leaked a LOT at first, but after I used it for a day or so it stopped. I also quit sitting it on its little "kick stand" and I actually use the little "kick stand" to hang it on my desk drawer so the nozzle is tilted up towards the ceiling. This helped a TON!
I'd be careful doing this. If you have ever taken one of these guns apart you will know that the inside fills with glue from it leaking when it's hot. This is usually what causes these guns to fail, the hot glue inside them melts the wires. I'd be afraid that turning the gun up would force more glue to leak inside it. Some leaking onto the table maynot be a bad thing.
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