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Default Re: WH0A! Finally back on here!

Originally Posted by lADYBUGS.M0MMYx0 View Post
Hey Ladies-

Finally got the computer fixed & I'm back on the forum. Had some scares in my pregnancy, but all better now!

Okay, back to learning to make bows & etc.

I'm suffering some Mommy brain right now, So I need a little help. . .

I'm looking for some tutorials but for some reason when I try to search it keeps saying 'No results'. So I'm hoping maybe yawl can send me some links or what not & help me. pretty please.

I'm looking for a tutorial on making those simple Tuxedo Hair Bow Clips [i know they are SO simple to make but I'd just like a proper step by step].

Also, I'm looking for a tutorial for making Newborn headbands. I was looking on etsy & the newborn headbands with the little flowers on them seriously look like those Goody ouchless thin headbands.

Thank you in advance ladies!
There are a whole list of tutorials in this section of the forums up at the top. They are Stickys.
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