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Default Re: Gator bite.. how does it work?

Originally Posted by redsoxgal View Post
Hey Maxine, I use double prong clips to hold my bow together, while transferring it to gator bite, and or you could use a few stiches also..heres a link ..hth
Thanks rsg! I did read that thread before I posted my question, but I couldn't find where it tells you how to actually tie it off(?)

Once you transfer your bow to the gator, how do you tie it off? The ribbon won't slide together in the middle to make the folds

Originally Posted by QueenBow View Post
Sometimes if your ribbon is stiff it will be hard to tie off and get a good fold in the center. It works really good on the UB ribbon. For a smaller bow I use an alli clip to hold it in place while putting it in the gator bite. Also you can move your ribbon around on the gator bite before you tie it.
QB, that's the problem I'm having. I can't seem to tie it off properly. I'll try a different type of ribbon and see if I have better success.

Originally Posted by my2squirrels View Post
Maxine, I use a clip kind of like this to hold my bow in place when I slide it into my GB. This was the closest picture I could find to what I use. The one I actually use is metal and long and skinny. It slides out great after I have my bow situated into my GB. I haven't ever had problems with mine not creasing or holding tight enough. I use embroidery floss to tie mine off and just pull slowly. HTH!
M2s, I think I have that exact package! Is there an open space down the middle? That's what I was using before I bought the gator bite. I'm using embroidery floss too. But when I pull to tie off, the ribbon fights me and stays under those teeth on the gator
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