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Default Re: Double ruffle bows

Originally Posted by happels View Post
In an older post, another hg showed the twisted working really well withe the traditional boutique style from the nbng templates, and another style from nbng. Her name is Lil Red Smiles. I couldn't find the thread, but it had tons of ideas for the drr.

I feel like the pinwheel is the easiest for me with drr, and I wouldn't even begin to make a twisted boutique with it! It would make me

Oh I feel so special! Thanks for mentioning me =)

Although hey weren't NBNG, They were Tabby Templates. I've never bought any instructions & I am not associated with the NBNG group at all (Sorry I'm a mod for Tabbytemplates so I don't want any confusion!!!)

I'm not a fan of the twisted boutique with DRR. They're just so floppy! This ribbon does not behave like it should!

This one is made out of 3/8" drr

And this one is made out of 1.5"
drr copy.jpg

The last one uses 2 layers.

The top layer uses the 3" template using 2 6.5" pieces wrapped on the template side-by-side & clipped to the templated and stitched together.

Do the same thing on the 3.5" template for the bottom layer.

It seems that this is a nice length for the ribbon so it doesn't flop all over the place.
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