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Default Re: Korker Box help Please....

Originally Posted by luth0110 View Post
I have tried sewing them and they look all uneven, what am I doing wrong!?
If they are looking uneven maybe you aren't putting the needle through the centre of the korker? Also depends how anal you are about perfection too :P

I am a bit of a perfectionist and haven't really had any trouble with sewing my korkers. I had trouble getting them even when I was tying them.

OT: Joanne, I am in south west sydney so it has been hot hot hot out here. Going to get up to 41 (about 106?) in the city on Saturday (which is where I'll be in the arvo) but it'll be something like 43 or 44 (111) out here. But no floods and no cyclones where I am, they are all up in Queensland.

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