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Originally Posted by mommato4 View Post
This might be a really silly question but how flammable are these products that we are all using on bows and how toxic are they? I'm trying to find a starch that isn't as flammable as hair-spray and also that isn't toxic. As a parent I would hate to see a kid get sick from chewing on a bow because what is sprayed on it.. I have used hair-spray but got to thinking that cant be great for anyone.. Any ideas of some products that might be safer?


Welllllll.... Hairspray (and I would assume starch as well) is only flamable when still wet.... (Otherwise smokers couldn't use hairspray... THEY'D BE BALD! HAHAHA) Anyway... back to my point. From a flamable standpoint, I think starch or hairspray is fine.

From a "toxic" stand point... nothing is made to really be ingested other than food... And if hairspray is safe to spray around your face, and starch is safe to put on clothes, which rub against your body... I don't think its a huge risk...

Now as far as kids chewing on them... I have no idea...
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