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Default Re: Feather pads for babies - what do you think?

Originally Posted by BBinaPot View Post
oh my...they look gorgeous. I had just tried one for an adult but these are breath taking.
Are the flowers you attached made out of fabric? or more directly does anyone know where to get a free tut or instructions. I found a youtube video where fabric is twisted over a felt back are these made the same way???
Thank you.

Thanks! I made the flowers from satin fabric and I found a tut someone had posted here - it was on youtube. I'd search for "rolled rose" or "rolled rosette" and see what you can find. This lady just showed cutting a long strip of the satin fabric about 1 1/2 inches wide and knotting it at the end, then glueing, twisting, wrapping, etc. Then you could add a felt back at the end, but it wasn't made directly on a felt piece. HTH - I wish I knew what tut I saw, but it was a few months ago and I can't remember.
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