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Default Re: anyone make pacifier clips with the monogrammed covered buttons?

Originally Posted by Rene R View Post
That does make sense. Thanks for the input. I would not have thought about running the ribbon through the button. I am afraid to use e6000 to glue the button to the clip. I didn't have any plastic clips so I used metal suspender clips and ran my ribbon thrpugh the clip and sewed the ribbon together to attach the clip. I ran the ribbon through the shank on the back of button and tied a knot and them put velcros on as the closure. It looked cute. I just didn't know if there was a way to attach it without the glue.

Digitizing.....One of my softwares that I have is PE Design. You can digitize with this program, but I haven't tried to do anything. I haven't read how to do it.
Do you have any pics--I would lve to see it
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